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Planning for Next Year - Looking into RGB and Need Some Advice

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Now that my show is up for this year (although I have some tweaking to do on a few sequences), I'm starting to plan out my show for 2014.  One thing I am looking at is jumping into using RGB Pixels. 


I am wanting to use the pixel strips (not sure what they are called) on my gutters in place of my LED "Super Strings" (Red, Blue, Warm White).  I roughly measured my gutters and would need approximately 100' of pixels to do what I want to do.  I'm looking at the possibility of zip-tieing the pixels to conduit, then hanging the conduit from the gutters in 8 foot long sections (makes for easy storage).


I've attached a picture of the front of my house. Can anyone make some recommendations on what kind of pixel strips to use?  I'm probably leaning towards using a SanDevices controller(s), so my mind is made up on that one I think.  Same recommendation for power supplies.




Any help/recommendations some of you "pixel" experts can give would be great.





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