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Adapter Driver Issues?


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I have a system set up and working great on my laptop with Vista. I want to transfer it over permanently to a laptop running XP.


I am running two adapters but the one I am having an issue with is for DMX. I am using the USB485, which again, works flawlessly for this purpose on the vista comp. When I try to set this up on the XP comp the adapter shows up in device manager however will not show up its unique ID (AA980BS7 or something) in the DMX tab. I have also tried the B version adapter and again it does not show up.


There are two drivers available for XP installs; CDM_2.02.04.exe and CDM_Setup.exe


Numerous times I have used the FTDI cleaner to clean drivers and reinstall one of the two.


However, when I plug in the adapter after doing so, it always comes up saying 'Found new hardware FT232R USB  UART' Then it prompts me to install the driver, which I decline.


It seems like it is not finding the driver.


Thanks in advance for any help!


Btw, the adapter works fine when I run LOR off of it.



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