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Visualizer Fixture Limits

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Well normally with these fine people asking for something I would agree.


Draw everything as CCR's and you don't get anywhere near the 1024 fixture problem. I am 3/4 the way done and probably don't have 200 fixtures yet.


Drawing as CCR's, using Vegomatic to add CCR channels and then in November using importation to convert it all to DMX universes, couldn't be better.

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I will be coming up for the visit Doug. Computer will be with me as I prepare for another busy year. I have a lot to learn in all this setup switching from Animation screen to visualizer screen. I know I will be adding a lot more RGB this year so hoping programming a sequence will not be to bad. I see several are working on some software that will make our life easy.



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I agree that works but with the work that Brian has been doing with superstar lately with keywords I think LOR is really on to something here and could grab hold and run with it given the fixture limitation lifted so users could see what they drew with the keywords playback immediately without having to use any 3rd party tools to convert between CCR and DMX channels. With the current integration of the visualizer working into superstar and outputting DMX channels it could be done where no one would have to manually create any channels in the sequencer anymore ever. By drawing and labeling all your display elements in the visualizer you could pull it into superstar and then output to the sequence editor and have all your channel layout created for you in one button press based off what you drew. Adding the ability to add and turn off types of controllers in SS that were drawn in the viz would be huge IMHO. Say your show uses DMX, CCR's, and PC16 Lor boards and you draw everything out in the viz with no fixture limits. From there you could of course add all your channels manually or with a 3rd party tool and start sequencing away manually but what if you could import that entire viz into superstar and using keywords or something uncheck all AC boards, or all CCR's and only sequence DMX then uncheck DMX and check CCR and use SS to sequence the CCR part of your display without having to use separate viz files for each display element or controller type. Kinda like layers in photoshop then output the entire channel lineup with the newly created DMX sequence and CCR sequence to the sequence editor so you could manually sequence those fine tuned AC controller parts. Now that would be something but could only happen if the fixture limit was lifted so you could put different types of controllers all into one viz file and fit everything and then of course there are the SS export limits and licensing but I think its right on verge of being a game changing way of doing things for all of us.

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I tend to agree with Harrison0550 on this one. This would be a BIG plus in the LOR Column

At least allow of Visualization changes to include DMX Matrixes not just CCR's

I am not used to doing 3rd part conversions or running multiple Visualizations, so this would help tremendously.



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