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Starting a new sequence


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Tap wizard every time. The Beat wizard is just not close enough for me. It always seems to be a little late on the timing mark towards the middle and end of a song. Just a small disclaimer here. I am professional drummer and timing is my life. This sometimes cause me to fuss over the smallest of details. The Beat wizard is probably just fine for most users.


Also The beat wizard in earlier versions of S3 does not work well at all if you are doing a song with dramatic timing changes. it might be fixed now because I haven't it in over a year. it seems to find the best constant beat and uses that through the hole sequence. I tried to do Boughs Of Holly by TSO with the beat wizard and found that the timing marks stayed the same through the entire song even though the there are some major timing changes in the song. Maybe it's me and I missed a setting or something but the tap wizard is my choice. just my 2 cents

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