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Gremlins in multiple networks of CCDs? Read this...

George Simmons

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I see all sorts of threads about issues with multiple networks of CCDs.  If any of you are as ignorant as me, maybe this will help you too:


I never gave bandwidth limits on USB ports much thought.  Hell, I never gave it ANY thought - I didn't even know there WAS a bandwidth limit, or that it had anything to do with me.  All I know is when my USB ports all get filled with stuff and I get tired of unplugging and plugging things all the time, I buy a bigger USB hub and just keep on truckin'...  


I've got four LOR networks, and a bunch of CCRs/CCBs/CCPs scattered around the display.  I hooked everything up like always - wherever there was a hole I plugged in my "show" USB hub and ran them from there.  First dry run this week, we had glitches up the wazoo with a feather.  I didn't know where to even begin.   


I contacted a former old-timer from here and he basically said "Are you crazy?  You can't run all that through one USB port on your PC!" 


Huh?  I didn't know that - I still don't understand it completely.  But I said to myself "George - don't be an askhole - take the advice".  So I ran my LOR networks from three separate USB ports on the PC.  BAM!  Just like that - all gremlins gone!


I don't know how much is too much or how much is too little bandwidth and all that rot.  This might not even help anyone else.  But is sure solved my problems.

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Great advice George!!

I always try to use an open USB port for each network. As I expanded, so did the networks and eventually ran out so I had to share networks via USB Hub (powered). Laptop I'm using only has 3 ports. So I divided my channels evenly between shared and non-shared networks. Also took networks with CCD into consideration....those are the busiest. With HS network adapters, you can load up more channels onto a single network...but that would be a good answer to find out. Now much can you load onto one USB port? I haven't personally tried it but read several times using 12 CCDs on one HS network with no issues. As a test, I ran 1700chs through a single USB connected to a power Hub and worked as long as the sequence wasn't too busy. Busy parts it lagged. Dividing the networks into its own port solved it. And this was using non-HS adapters.

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