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CTB16PC (2nd Gen) loosing ID

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So, I've had my show running the past several nights without any problems.  Last night, I noticed that one of my controllers (unit 1) lost it's ID.


I have 10 CTB16PC (first 6 are 2nd gen and the last 4 are 3rd gen) controllers. 


My configuration is using the miniDirector and an external timer to turn the controllers on.


I've not had this issue the past three years in doing these shows, but now it's started.


Any ideas?

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I did the first time by removing the J2 Jumper and resetting via the HU; however I don't think that's necessary since it's set to unit 1 and after resetting I believe it defaults to unit 1.


The real kicker is that I was going to do this again last night, but the power had been shut off with the timer and so when I went to turn it back on, it was back on the network.  Not sure what could've happened.  We did have rain here in LA the night before, but my enclosures are within are larger enclosure which was bone dry.  I am wondering if a little moisture could have been the problem?

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First, there really is no need to have the controllers powered through timers, other than as a way to get a mini director to only be powered up from the controllers by a schedule. But there is a jumper inside the mini director that can be pulled to prevent the mini director from being powered by the network. Instead, use an external power supply with just that supply plugged into a timer.

Second, open a ticket, or call LOR about the unit loosing its ID. I don't think I have ever seen a solution or even a suggestion on the forum. It sounds like a hardware issue to me.

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