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Reorganize Pixel order on a completed sequence

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It seems that somewhere between conception, design, sequencing and implimentation that the pixel order on my Merry Chrirstmas sign got out of sorts.


If I where to modify the visualization file that I'm programming against to match what is actually wired on the sign will I have to completely resequence the song or will the sequence correct itself on export to map channel number correctly.


For example .. The Letter H is wired in this order


1                  8 

2                  9

3                 10

4  15 16 17 11

5                 12

6                 13

7                 14


It was sequenced in this order


1            11

2            12  

3            13

4 8 9 10 14

5            15

6            16

7            17


I have a sequence that scans down this letter... that is to say ...



3,13 etc etc ..


Obviously .. when actually mapped one leg of the letter is top to bottom while the other is going bottom to top...


Can I just pull the SS sequence... reimport the Visualization (corrected) and reexport?


Bob (WISHFUL THINKING!!! ... positive thoughts)









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If you change the visualization to match the actual lights, everything should work, you should not have to re-sequence anything.


The way to think of it is that you sequence to the green sequencing grid. And then SuperStar maps the green sequencing grid to your actual display based upon your visualization.

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I fixed the visualization file to match the actual wiring order on the sign.

I saved the individual fixtures, and the props and the visualization itself.

I then opened SuperStar and the existing SS sequence and reimported the visualization.


Unfortunately now the the SS programming matches the physical sign.

In other words, what I originally coded for the sign looked right in SS but wrong on the sign because of the wiring difference.

Now SS and the sign match .. but incorrectly (Technically.. I suppose its right .. but not the intention of what I needed to do)


Any suggestions short of recoding the parts in the sign?



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Actually .. I may understand the problem now ...


Each Scene in the SUP file is stored with the PixelIndex which maps the pixel to the position.

After I fixed the names of the pixels and reassigned the DMX address on a per fixture basis, I noticed that under PROP Properties the associated fixtures were out of order..

So... being the anal retentive nut job that I am .. I reordered then 1 thru ...x ..


Oppsie.... (sigh)


FORTUNATELY .. being the geek that I am .. I have a backup that I can restore and try again.. this time leaving the fixture order alone...


Sound reasonable ?



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Don't know why it is not working. Please email the following files to brian@superstarlights.com.

Your old visualization file and your new visualization file. They will be at:

C:/ (your lightorama folder) / visualizations / Editor

Also, the superstar sequence file. It will be at:

C:/ (your lightorama folder) / SuperStar / Sequences

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I jumped the gun and already restored the files ...

Until I try it again .. there really isnt anything to send.. The way it looks now is that SS shows what i wanted to happen ..

Once I update the Viz.. I will have a shot to show you both ..


(Dont you just HATE guys like me .. give em a degree in computer science and they think they know something.. LOL)



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