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New sequence dialog launches off screen; Sequence Editor


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My laptop allows for multiple monitors. At some point I ran the sequence editor in the secondary display.


The normal windows fix for this is to reboot the the computer and make sure it comes up with just the primary display and then re-launch the program. However this did not work with Sequence Editor, it still came up off screen.


I then used the move command and did manage to get the Sequence Editor itself onto the primary screen. However when I try to create a new sequence the Dialog that asks for an audio file or non-audio sequence decision still remains off screen and I have found no way to bring it to the primary display.


This probably has something to do with a setting that allows the Dialog to open in it's previous location as opposed to having it be a child window of the main window that must open on the same screen as the main window. That fix however can only be made at compile time and I hope the folks at LOR make it in a future release.


In the mean time does anyone know how to get that dialog screen back onto the primary display? I do not have a secondary display to connect right now so that I can see it, but would like to make a new sequence right now if I could!




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Try this.

Open your Sequence Editor. Make sure you don't click the mouse anywhere after starting the SE. Hit Alt-Spacebar then the M key. Use the directional arrows to move in the direction of your current monitor. Thus if the 2nd screen was on the left, you'd hit the *right* arrow button.

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