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Auxilary Network Setup-HELP!


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Hello and HELP!!!!

I have a standard network and an AUX A network.


Network 1: LOR controllers 01-07, Ribbons 1-6 on Comm 10

Aux A:  LOR controllers 08-0B, Ribbons 7-12   on Comm 3


Network preferences are set accordingly.

HU finds everything.


When I run a song...only the LOR controllers from Network 1 and all the ribbons fire. (The LOR boxes on Aux don't work).


Any ideas?  What am I missing?




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If you have any of the networks set to 500k, make sure the controllers themselves are running current firmware. If not, this might be part of the problem.


You mention that everything is assigned correctly. Let's verify. Create a sequence will all-on or all-off events, it won't matter for this test. Create a show with that sequence. Schedule that show to run, and enable shows. 


If everything is set right, then all devices will have a solid red/green light, indicating they are found, and ready to execute the commands.

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Thanks all. I completely renumbered the LOR controllers on the AUX network; re-did the channel configuration in LOR to account for the changes and now everything is being found and fired.  I'm still having some issues with several of the light strings on Controller 1 coming on randomly. I've replaced the data cables and made sure they aren't close to a power cable. I'll have to troubleshoot later.

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