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net lights?

Brett H.

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We have added a static display in neighbors back yard. We have that set on a timer the problem is each set of net lighs has a 8 wa controller on it- (a push button control not a dial type) and it resets everytime it shuts off. Any ideas about fixing this or am I going to have to go out and click them to same every night?

 This is a link to similar set also shows the control box- http://www.ebay.com/itm/5x5-FT-100-LED-Net-Fairy-Light-Christmas-Wedding-Xmas-Party-110V-US-Blue-/251391174524?pt=US_String_Lights_Fairy_Lights&hash=item3a8814e77c


 I am not sure if I can cut the control box off and still get them to work. I just want them on constant.


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