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Raw DMX question


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Ok so I have a couple of DMX equipped fixtures, they each have in and out DMX jacks.

I have a usb485 LOR adapter and bought one of LOR cat5 to DMX crossover cables.

Using the lights up program I am able to connect to The fixture and can control one channel. I have the starting address on the fixture set to 9 and in lights up when I move the channel 9 slider it works, however the next 7 don't do anything and this fixture has 8 DMX controlled channels.

I'm unable to get the sequence editor in LOR to do anything.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Readdress your fixture to channel one and repeat your test using Lightsup. See if anything changes.


In the LOR Sequence Editor, check your Preferences>Network Preferences and make sure the USb485 device is found and defines as a Raw Dmx device.

Note the Universe and change your device characteristics in the SE if needed. After that, it should work OK.

Also note that the Hardware Utility has no control over the RawDmx device; it only controls devices on the standard LOR network.

The SE does when you set the programming channels, tho.

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