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E682 Problem


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Hello all,

I finally fired up my RGB mega tree tonight and observed some blank areas when the sequence is running.  But all pixels light when a test is run.  I have posted a video here http://vimeo.com/80586785 to show what i am talking about. 

I am also attaching a screen shot of my controller configuration as I believe that is where the problem is.  I just dont have my brain around all of this yet.

12 pixel strings, 4 universes, 3 strings per universe.


Many thanks in advance.





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I'm having the same problem, but I believe the the channel configuration en SE is the problem, I very new in the ccr world and I had a help from someone else that sent me a generic seq with the all channel configuration already set, all ccr are working but I saw that each ccr moved up it own channels up even in SE visualization and in the real view of my mega tree, it changed position and colors.

What I discovered was that once you export the seq from SS to SE, the new seq that was created and you open in SE has his own channel configuration that works good into SE visualization but not at the mega tree because the channel conf is setup for LOR controller and you manually need to set every single channel to DMX-universe #-channel, it's a really boring and long process but it start to work a least into SE visualization then at the megatree, as a boring and long manual process And I didn't finish yet.

Please find the two videos of my SE visualization screen and compare it


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If you are using 3 strings (and only 3 strings per universe), then I believe your config is incorrect.


50   1  GBR  1  1

50   1  GBR  1 451

50   1  GBR  2 391

50   1  GBR  3 331


Now, if it is strictly 3 strings per universe and then 3 strings in each socket.  The the start address of each socket shouLd be channel 1 on each seperate universe. Assuming that matches your LOR setup. This is what it should look like.


50   1   GBR   1   1

50   1   GBR   2   1

50   1   GBR   3   1

50   1   GBR   4   1


Good luck


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This is my video of the someone else channel configuration on SE, you can see that the channels changed position on each CCR including the colors.





In this second video you can see the same sequence, both sequences came from SuperStar and it created it own channel configuration but this one is set for LOR controller, so you can see that the channels and color are right:



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