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DMX issues, Need Help Sending DMX Signal to Laser Program


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Hi, I have been an LOR user for about 8 years now and this is our first year incorporating a laser (yes I have a variance and know the rules and dangers so please don't go on about that)


I have bought everything to make this work but I just can't get LOR to Cue the laser.  


here is my setup -

    to control the laser i am using Pangolin quickshow with the supplied dongle.  the dongle is connected directly to the laser and nothing else.  Pangolin quickshow has custom laser cues that can be cued via DMX signal.


   I also have the iDMX-1000 which i will use to send the DMX signal to Pangolin quickshow through an Enttec DMX USB Pro.  Pangolin quickshow detects and accepts the Enttec just fine but when i send a DMX signal to the Enttec via the iDMX-1000 the laser cues are not triggering.


   I also tested the Enttec input using the included utility and found that when sending signals to the Enttec it is only reading channel 3 and not reading 1 or 2.  I tested it with the LOR DMX console and the Enttec is very inconsistent with its readings.  if i move all 16 DMX sliders at once the Enttec shows the proper values received but if move one slider at a time it either sticks to a single value and doesn't change till i drop it to zero or just automatically drops to zero even though i may have the slider at say 150.

I hope this makes sense as i am desperate in getting this to work soon.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what the issue could be?  Maybe my enttec is bad?  is there any other way to signal the laser cues other than doing it the way i am doing it?

any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

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UPDATE:    So i just tried sending a raw DMX signal through the LOR USB dongle to the enttec and i still have the exact same issue.  

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I would suggest that you separate the functions and test each one separately.


Try putting a regular DMX par or other device on the iDMX-1000 output and make sure it can be controlled reliably.

The iDMX-1000 should be in Native mode and have a firmware level of 1.41

If the iDMX has an address that's a multiple of ten (10,20,30,etc) then it's in Legacy mode and is trying to emulate several LOR 16 channel controllers.

Even though it may work, I'd suggest Native mode.

If it works OK, continue to the next step with the Enttec unit.

If it does not work, you may have a bad iDMX unit.


Try putting a regular DMX console (hardware) as input to the Enttec unit, either as a DJ console or theatre console.

That should work to drive your Pangolin software.

This is assuming you have already defined the laser patterns and they work OK.

If the regular console does not work, you may have a bad Enttec unit.

Or the timing parameters may need to be internally adjusted with the Enttec Utility (not very likely, tho).


See what the results are.


Also, put your location in your Profile so others in your area may be of assistance.

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thanks for the help.  I actually don't have any sort of DMX hardware I could test the enttec with though i wish i did because thats a great idea.  I have tested the iDMX with other devices and it works great without issue.  so I know the iDMX is good.  I emailed Enttec about this problem so hopefully i will get a response from them as well.  I may be stuck just controlling the laser through light o rama via DMX this year if i can't figure this out...  :(

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