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CBM24B DMX controller


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It's actually a CMB24D controller that should have a factory address of 1.

Remove all other devices on the LOR network and see if the Hardware Utility can detect it.

Make sure it's address is what you have defined in the Sequence Editor.



Also, what version of the Sequence Editor do you have?

The latest one has better support for the CMB24D.


Here's some related forum information: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/27381-cmb24d/

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Be aware that this card is a LOR network card. It must be on the LOR network. If you want it to do DMX control there will be other steps necessary.

DMX is a different protocol then LOR so be aware of that. If you don't have a DMX network and you just want to control your dc components then just program in sequence editor once you set it up in the hardware utility as Ken stated above.

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I purchased the CMD24D DMX controller from light o rama. I can't get it set up in the sequence editor. Can anyone help me out?





I'm assuming that you did not change the network jumpers as described on Page 8 of the documentation. Leave them at the factory settings.

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