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first year show is up and running!


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Well iv got 60+ hours invested in sequencing and another 60+ in build and set up time I know this isn't much for some but being my first year and tge inly animated setup I know of in my town and surrounding it was alot mentally physically and on the pocketbook lol (first year in our new home as well so no decorations)

lots of blistered finger tips from zip ties etc..

Any ways on to the good news we fired up at 5pm tonight before I went in on midnights and everything went off perfectly transmitter works perfect no static the outdoor speakers are set to a moderate volume and all the sequences turned out great for only having 8 songs and a intro to the show and only 16 channels, blue and cool white LEDs

Already had a few visitors including the local police officer that stayed and watched the whole show :) needless to say im ecstatic with everything and making plans for additions as it runs and for next year!!!


Adding finishing touches to my tune into led sign and then ill be 100%

Thanks for all the info, videos, helpful people in this community!!

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Finally got all my audio cables in and everything is finalized and hooked up and also finished up my "tune in" sign and added a few songs to the show and an intro the total length of the show is now 20min!

We've had quite a few visitors that stayed for the full show and then some

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