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First year with a 10 CCR tree. Only have one ribbon going


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This is my second year programming shows.  Last year I used 5 - 16 channel controllers.  I expanded to 7 - 16 channel controllers and 10 CCR ribbons this year. 


I created the show and exported it to the Sequence Editor successfully.  When I press play all the 16 channel controllers are working properly, but the only ribbon that is working is the 1st of 10 ribbons. 


When I use the hardware utility everything is recognized on the network.  When I test the channels, the first couple will light up the bottom pixels, however the last couple ribbons will light multiple ribbons at various parts of each ribbon.  Not sure if that is normal.


I ran the Verifier and I got about 150 warning message 28 indicating the channel is completely off. 


This is my first year working with a CCR so I appreciate any advice you have to offer.

Thank you!

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In the HWU, check the see if your CCR is set to Normal or Legacy mode. I believe they are shipped in Legacy. Change to Normal. Then verify each CCR unit ID is set correctly.

How many Networks are you running? Did you set those up? Edit>Preferences>Network Preferences.

Last go into the your sequence and check your channel setting. Tools>Channel Configuration

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