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Create a chase pattern with all channels starting at once


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Let me clarify :)


I find myself pasting a lot with certain continuous chase scenes.  Here is an example of what I'm talking about https://www.dropbox.com/s/robhrzcyyjltf28/Screenshot%202013-11-27%2017.25.41.png.  I have a feeling I'm doing this the hard way so I wanted to check with all of you to see if you had a more simple method I'm just missing.  Here is the way I built this one:


1.Made a single 10 cell line, and then copied it and pasted multiple of 8 times horizontally

2.Then hit the chase tool and did a drag to the right through all of my channels

3.This gives me 9 chases to the right through all of my channels


Now here is where I think I'm doing this the hard way.  I really didn't need the chase to go past the time window to the right beyond the length I copied in step 1 but in order to make a chase to the right I kinda have to...or at least I think I do.  At this point I don't have all my channels starting at once and as you can see from my screenshot I have it starting all my channels at the same time and every channel lines up with the one above it to keep the pattern continuous.  So what I do is take the excess chase beyond the time I don't need, which came as a result of creating the chase in step 2, and cut and paste that starting with the first blank spot in the beginning of the time frame where the chase starts.  In the case of this screenshot, since every channel moves two cells to the right, I paste starting on the second channel where there are two blank cells.


This gets very tedious so I was wondering, am I doing this the hard way??  Please let me know if there are any tricks that I'm missing.  I hope this all made sense!  Thanks!

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