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Controller not turning detected

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Ok, I have one controller, (out of 8), that detects the network cable, because when I plug the cable in, the blinking light goes solid, but when I go to the light o rama hardware detector, it doesnt see it.


The other ones are workign just fine..


Anything off hand that I should be checking?

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Mystery solved, last controller is a manual setting on the channel.. weird it didnt change before.. 

its weird because I've been running the sequences for weeks without issue, just today it decided to actually use the dial channel.. :)


Thanks to lor support, working this time even on the day before a holiday.

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Same thing here too. I have two LOR controllers in series and the hardware utility just stopped recognizing the second controller. It sees the CCRs past the second controller but it just won't recognize the standard LOR controller.  Plays some of the lights from controller two on controller one.  For example it will play channel 2,8 when channel 1.8 is supposed to be playing. Why?

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