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Newbie looking for controller and programming information


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Ive lurked on and off over the years and decided this is the year I dip my toes into getting a little more serious about my Christmas display. Since I dont really have the coin to drop big bucks on a setup right out of the gate, I wanted to try a more tame intro and purchased 30m of 5050 60/m weatherprooof LED strips to "color wash" my house (to be installed under the soffits) I took a number of cues off of this gentlemen's setup (http://www.huntersvillechristmaslights.com/color-washing-with-RGB-LED-strips.html) I purchased different led strips, but at 72w per 5m my power requirements would be approx 400w over 4-5 different runs (channels?)


The hold up I got to was with my experience with controllers. I would be satisfied for right now if I could change and dim colors via remote, but if at all possible program my lights to change from red to white to green in 15 min intervals. As I stated before I want to get my feet wet without going crazy, but at the same time have something I can tinker, adjust, and learn to build off of in the future.


So far the two suggestiong for controllers I have is:






and beyond that, after I connect my strands, power supply, and runs to each channel, I have no idea what to do in terms of programming or the like.


My sole intent this year is to get something to the effect similar to this:





I thank you again for any help you may give. I appreciate any feedback you folks would have for me. Enjoy your day!

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I'm looking to do the same thing.  I inherited 6 LOR controllers from my late father-in-law, so we're carrying the torch as far as the Christmas Light Insanity, but want to branch out into RGB.  I'm nervous about the programming aspect.


I have a bunch of 5050 waterproof LED strips left over from a project that I will use.  Purchased in bulk directly from a distributor in China, found the guy through eBay and worked offline.  That aspect worked very well.  Need connectors, power supply and a controller board.  Upgrading the LOR software from 2.9.4 to 3.x this year and adding the SuperStar add-on to control RGBs - have NO idea how to program those yet.  Will be scouring the forums and YouTube.


Looking to line the house just like the link you posted (http://www.huntersvillechristmaslights.com/color-washing-with-RGB-LED-strips.html) soon to light it up year 'round and for holidays.  Then branch out and make some wireframes/decor for the Christmas show later (like next year).


Let me know your progress and what direction you go!  Good luck!!



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Get the 24 channel controller, room to grow if you don't use it all this year.  When you install your ribbon, lay a bead of silicon first, lay the ribbon in the silicon.  IP65 ribbon is not weather proof on the backside even when 'protected' from the elements!!!  You also need the LOR starter package with software and license.

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I don't know what ribbon you have that uses that much power but most consume lots less. LOR ribbon looks like this:

Input 12VDC, 20 Watts

150 - 50/50 RGB LED - 16' (5 meters) long 

Weather proof covering 

Comes with 6' power cord

Requires a DC-PWM driver for RGB effects (use the CMB24D)

Requires a 12VDC Power Source

Getting the starter package with the LOR dc card will get you started. Another option is to get this premade kit from a LOR reseller (you would still need a starter package, but this kit has everything except the software and USB to 485 connector):


You can buy the components separate but this setup would allow 8 dumb strips to be attached. This card and enclosure setup allows me to put my card outside near the lights and keeps it all protected from the weather (I never have seen an overheating situation).

The Software will then control your colors and on/ off status without the need for a dimmer.

I have other posts in the DMX section you might find useful such as vendors, components and how to set it up to work.

Good luck


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I will have this controller as a "Starter Package" that will offer the same....comes with network adapter and software. I just haven't has time to add it to my store. I'll add in the off season. Also I should have better "packages" that will come with RGB controllers, strips, floods, cables, software, ect....complete RGB plug-n-play package.

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