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In over my head


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I received my system yesterday and need a little help if possible. I purchased a 64 channel system. I am setting up my show just like the WOW lights 64 channel system shows on their site (this year) so it will match the sequences I purchased from them.


I have purchased a song that I have liked for years and was going to try to do the sequencing for it. This is where my issue is. I look at all the items and  time to fill in the sequence and feel overwhelmed. I know that it is late in the season to try to sequence a song. Does anyone have a sequence for Christmas is a time to say I love you (Billy Squire) ?


I want to thank everyone that has posted information. I am learning tons.




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Part of the fun is sequencing the lights yourself.   Just buying several hundred dollars of "stuff", plugging it in and watching it turn on and off the way someone else did it isn't any fun. It isn't for me at least. 


If the song has a normal beat with no time changes or tempo changes, figure for 1-2 hours per minute of the song to do the sequence yourself.  64 channels is A LOT for a first year, first timer!  Still, you can sequence a song in one night.  


Here's how I do it and I hope it helps you:


Plan on 4-8 channels to flow with the beat of the song. Sequence those channels first. Those are your rhythm channels. Listen to the drums and bass guitar for guidance.

Cut and paste the first 16 beats all the way to the end of the song.  No you won't use them that way, but it helps make progress.

Change the pattern every 8-16 beats.  Cut and paste is your friend.   It's ok to turn the lights off for a few beats to flow with the song.

_-_-_-_-   Look there's 8 beats right there.  _ _ -- _ _ -- Look there's another 8 beats. A pattern change. It's that easy!!!  Having the pattern to the end of the song at first helps keep the beat in check with all the squares in the sequencer.


Go back and figure out what the next 8 channels will be. Make those follow the melody. I particularly do not enjoy the Guitar Hero type sequences where the lights follow the exact melody.  The "melody" lights should have faster fades, ramps and chases than the first lights holding the rhythm.


Once that is done, go back and fill in the rest of the lights.  Many of those lights will be just fine with slower fades and being on for the same intensity for 16-32 beats. Your sequence will be done before you know it.


Most songs have an intro/chorus/refrain/coda(ending)  Every time the chorus comes back it's CUT AND PASTE TIME in the editor!!  You've already sequenced the chorus when it repeats.  Just do it for your first song. Once you see the results, you'll be able to go back and tweak the second chorus to give it a little flair from the first time. Ditto for each time the chorus repeats.
Get your first song done, and then go back and play it. Use the Visualizer to adjust sections you may not like.  For me, I notice that I tend to change the patterns too often. 8-16 beats is normal, but sometimes on a fast song 32 beats is more appropriate.


This song has a 16 beat guitar solo. Guess what?  You can turn off a bunch of channels for the solo. ( I would ) 


Technically this song has a swing beat to it, but I would sequence it straight as a 4/4 beat. It will look fine.

Now come back tomorrow showing us your progress so we can help you with a specific area.

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i think the best advice is to exhale.  it can be overwhelming at first; especially jumping in that big.  just enjoy it, do the best you can, and you'll impress yourself how well you'll do--just know that it can't be your mona lisa your first year.  Good luck!  

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