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Hitting the Wall/Time Crunch


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Through all of the sharing and a little DIY, I've been able to come up with 6 songs for my first year's display.


Now as I need to get finalized and between work/kids I'm against the wall for getting my show ready for Thursday.




What I need: A time machine so I could have started this back in June...


What I'm asking for:  Any classic Xmas songs:  I've got Burl, Andy Williams, and Vince covered.  Would like Bing, Dean Martin, or anything else...


I got my 16 channel controller 11 days ago so you guys get a sense of how noob this noob is.


Thanks and Happy Bird-Day!


Here's the first sequence I did - YES it's overused BUT it's still a cool song:  http://youtu.be/LgyLUFsaKQQ

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