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Create Timings appears to be missing the beat?


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99.9% of the time, Create Timings seems to be right on the money..

I'm working on a song that has a tubular bell intro. I don't know if its resonance of the bell or what but it seems to be missing the strike on each bell. It sounds like quarter notes.


The song is "Here's Christmas" by Andy Quinn.


SS version is 3.10.8 on a 24CCR license.


What does SS use or how does it interpret the timing marks?




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I assume you are clicking on the Tools menu and selecting "Create Timings.."


When you do "Create Timings" it uses some of the settings in the "Timing Map" dialog box. Click on the Tools menu and select "Timing Map" to see the Timing Map dialog box.

The Sensitivity setting is in the upper left corner. Increase the sensitivity and you will see more timings created.

Increasing the value of the "Length of Effects" setting will increase their length some but you may or may not see much of an increase

You can ignore "Extend Length of Effects" because it is used by Instant Sequence but will not affect the length of the timings you are looking at


There is a box labeled "Apply Sensitivity As:", in this box there are three setting. It defaults to "Volume Relative" but you can try "Freq Relative" and "Absolute"


Each time you change a setting, do "Create Timings" to see if it is better or worse. It requires some experimentation to get the best settings for your particular song.


Be aware, however, that there are some things that are obvious to your ear that the computer will just not see. It is a limitation of the current technology that computers use to analyze the sound. So even if you try all the settings mentioned there will be some things the compute will never see. It frustrates me more than anyone, but suffice it to say that the human brain is much better at analyzing sound that computers are.

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Actually none of the changes did anything for it.

I even tried to let Instant Sequence have a go at it...and it really couldn't follow it either.


It is a short song (minute and 14 secs) and the pinwheel is only 12 channels.

I'll do it the "old school" way in Seq Ed.. LOL



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Sorry it didn't help. I have seen the same thing, there are some things in songs that the computer just can't see.

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Thanks for your time Brian ...

I really would have thought different on this .. the tubular bells are VERY distinctive and have a nice mallet strike and are the only thing playing..


Like I said though.. NOT a deal breaker .. its a minute and 15 seconds and it repeats .. so there really isn't that much sequencing to do ..

This is only for the pinwheel.. the rest of the song is long done (Its been in rotation since day one ... 2005)..


Thanks again


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Thank you for the audio file. I think I understand better what you are wanting. I thought you were doing Instant Sequence and not seeing effects applied as expected. But I realized you never mentioned Instant Sequence and I think you are sequencing manually and want to be able to see more of the notes represented in the 3 timing marks that are put up at the top.

At the beginning you don't see the individual bells at all. As the song progresses many of the strong notes are seen in the timing marks at the top but many are not.
The timing marks at the top are the sum of all the frequencies, they are pretty much the "total volume" of the song. I think what is happening is that the bells reverberate so much that the total volume of the song doesn't change much so you don't see the individual bells. If you click on the little down arrow in the upper left of the screen it will expand the view of the timing marks so you can see all the frequencies. In the expanded view the bells are more visible.
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