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Noobie question about using DMX with LOR

Vince LeGrand

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I have been using LOR controllers for 7-8 years, and I have used DMX for lighting control for rock bands.  But, this year will be my first year combining DMX and LOR.  My question is basically about communications protocols.


I have 5 LOR controllers which are all controlled through the use of ELL's.  What I plan to do is connect a LOR iDMX to one of my controllers (via Cat5).  I would then connect my DMX devices to the iDMX.


I brought a moving head light into my office where my PC that runs LOR is located.  I plugged a Cat5 cable into the second RJ45 connector on my USB485B and ran it to the iDMX.  Using the Console in the Hardware Utility, all the DMX features worked just as I expected.


My questions are:

Is the communication from the PC to a LOR controller the same protocol as from the PC to the iDMX (protocol conversion is handled by the iDMX)?  In other words, will I be trying to run 2 different protocols through the ELL's and Controllers?


If it does require 2 different protocols, are there any performance issues/conflicts/etc. between the LOR controllers and DMX devices?


Also, in Sequence Editor, do I specify a LOR Controller for controlling the DMX devices through the iDMX or a DMX Universe.  I assume I select LOR Controller, but I thought I would ask.


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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The LOR protocol is the same through the iDMX-1000 as it is through all the other LOR products.

It's a protocol that only sends CHANGES out, keeping the traffic low.


DMX sends all (or mostly all) the 512 channels about 40 times per second, regardless if there's any changes.


Your iDMX should be at firmware level 1.41 and be in Native mode; the LOR address is NOT a multiple of ten.


My video may help: http://youtu.be/ESFwt6tbbhg


Yes, you can do an Add Device in the Sequence Editor for the iDMX-1000.

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Thanks for the reply, Ken.


Your video was very helpful.


When I initially set up the iDMX, I had followed LOR's recommendation and assigned the Unit ID on a multiple of 16h (in my case 30).  I went ahead and left it there.


I hooked up the iDMX to one of my controllers and connected a moving head light.  It worked perfectly. :D


It would have taken me forever to find all the tips that you provided in your video for editing DMX sequences.


Thanks again.


I think I'll be buying more DMX fixtures before next Christmas. ;)

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