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Network Config With ELL & USB485

Bob Musil

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I know I am missing a step, and hopefully someone can help me.  Due to a computer crash, I am moving my show to my wife's computer.  No matter what I try, I cannot get the network to recognize.  It was working on the old computer before the crash, so I am assuming the LOR components are not the problem.


I have four controllers, all connected via ELL's.  I have a USB485 (with booster) between the transmitting ELL and the computer.  When I go to the hardware utility, no LOR is found on any comm port, even when I use the network module to manually select the port.  I have tried going to the RF tab to update configuration, and i does not find a configuration to update.


I am running LOR 3.10.14 on WIndows 7, 64-bit.  I did install the USB485 drivers.


Any suggestions appreciated.



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If you haven't already done so, go into Device Manager via Windows Control Panel.  There should be a section called Ports (Com and LPT).  Click on that section.  Depending on what ports your computer has you will see one or more serial ports listed and possibly a printer port.  There should be a port called USB Serial Port (CommX).  In the Hardware Utility, specify the X value for the Comm port.


Hopefully, this gets things working for you.

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