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g3mp3 player with scheduled, triggered shows

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Hello from the Netherlands.



I know it is not in the manual of the g3mp3 player, but maybe someone found a trick.



I like to have my triggered shows run only at certain time slots, also with different timing on certain days when using the g3mp3 player.



 a show can be scheduled on a g3mp3, even on different days in the week, or different shows on one day even, and I know how to get triggered shows. Works fine.  But what I want is not an option that is in the manual, as far as I can see. I might be wrong, please correct me if so.


Anyone suggestions other than run from a computer?


Dick de Wit

The Netherlands

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I'm not finding anything in my notes that says you can schedule when a triggered show should happen.


However, a theory: (and I stress it's only a theory)


The director will prioritize shows based on "Show" number. (01, 02, etc.) Shows that you create that you do not want interrupted by triggers would be lower on the totem pole. Make sure you have the "can not be interrupted" option turned on.


Let's say that from 8:00p-9:00p you want triggers to be allowed to interrupt the show. Create another show to run from 8:00p-9:00p and make sure the "can not be interrupted" is *not* checked.


Finally, create the triggered show. You would probably have to tinker with where exactly it should go. (Show01, Show 09, etc.)


Again, this is all theory ... could be wrong. (Wouldn't be the first.)

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thats smart!!! much smarter than my solution I thought of.



My theory was until now, use my old mp3 player, which is not fast enough for my current shows as a timer to drive an old type 240 volt controller, device 1 channel 1.


this channel drives the 12v powersupply for my new g3mp3 player, thus generating the time window for the show, inclusive the triggered parts.


( while driving the g3mp3 from a powersupply it is not powered from a controller, thus possible to time the working hours)


thank you for your wisdom.



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