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Color Cosmic Bulb Trees (7)

Frank Farmer

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Just a couple of quick videos I took tonight of my 7 CCB trees.

100 CCB's per tree

700 total pixels

2100 total channels (just for the trees)

I was pretty pleased the way it came out. Doing final testing tonight. Goes out in the yard tomorrow.



(Windows media files, give it a few seconds to load..)


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Thanks, I dedicated a weekend to each song, just for these trees (I add something new to my display every year and this is it).

Saturday I used Superstar to create the mophs that I needed and then Sunday exported it to the sequence editor to clean up, copy and paste, etc.

I have two tracks for the trees. One is each tree as you see it when you create a CCB and an RGB version where I can work in one particual color at a time per tree.  Between the two I can create a lot of different effects.

Depending on the song lenght I spent between 20-30 hours per song.

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The Tree's are 6.5 feet tall. I went with two strings on each tree because I wanted to do some spiral effects. I have both strings starting at the bottom of the tree and twisting up together. I can bring just one string on at a time and it looks good, or both strings for double the effect.  I have a couple of effects where the lights come on coming down one string while going up on the other string.

I went with white trees so that it would reflect more of the light. During the day you can see the green wire a little bit, but I don't think it is going to bother anyone. :)

The tree's are outside now and I should be able to shoot some video after Thanksgiving.

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