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added new ccr and having copy and paste issues

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I added a new ribbon this year and I am trying to update my sequences from last year, however the copy and paste function is not working properly.  I am able to copy and paste to the ribbon, but when I play the sequence in superstar the new ribbon does not play the timings.  Any suggestions?

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In SuperStar you can select one or more effects and then click on the Copy button and the effects will be on the clipboard.


At any time you can click on a spot on the time ruler and click on the Paste button and the effects on the clipboard will paste to that location


You should be able to play the sequence and see the effects that you pasted. If the effect is pasted at the same location as some other effects, then sometimes you will only see one of the effects. For example if you add a scene that makes all the pixels a dark blue for several seconds, and then paste a morph during those same several seconds then you will only see the scene.


Can you describe more what kind of effect you are doing copy/paste with?

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Please save what you have and email the superstar sequence file to brian@superstarlights.com


The superstar sequence file will be at:


c:/ (your lightorama folder) / SuperStar / Sequences



Also, what version are you running? The version is in the upper left of the program and should be something like v3.8.0

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