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CCB/CCP preventing Garage Door Opener transmitters from working


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No problems have been reported by multiple users, but I would recommend using it only if your remote garage door opener does not work.


The attached firmware does two things. 1) It changes the data clock frequency. 2) It only updates the bulb strings when something changes.

During the day when the display is inactive, there should be no interference. During a show, it depends upon how active the bulbs are. It only takes a fraction of a second of inactivity for the GDO to get through unimpeded. Even when the bulbs are continuously active, the change in data clock frequency allowed me to open the door, but the range was restricted.

If you find any anomalies in the way the bulbs work it's probably because I missed a spot where I need to update the bulb strings. In this case, please explain exactly what effect/activity you had on the bulbs when they messed up.

Old firmware version here: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/CCB100D-V1_16.lhx


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