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DMX Definition Clarity.


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The generic term DMX gets thrown around a lot. I just bought my first LOR products CMB24D which I believe it the E1xxx standard DMX over UDP broadcasts. Some other boards shoe to take DMX 1990 RS485 directly with an XLR to RJ45 cable.


Do the LOR products take both methods of DMX? 


Will the PC's NIC link light work when connected to a DMX E1xxx capable board (Jumpers set to DMX E1xxx)?


I dont have the time to switch from Vixen to LOR SD this year so I may be out of luck using my new 24D boards.


Thanks all!

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The LOR controllers will work in either LOR mode of DMX mode by using a special cable.


They will not work directly with the E1.31 protocol. That requires a separate converter.


The LOR software will output an E1.31 signal out the RJ45 jack, but there has to be other specialized adapters involved.

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