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Cooked my DC Controller. Help!


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I have a show setup for the 30th.... so I need some quick help!


I have (3) of the older 16 channel DC boards. It had been awhile since I read the documentation and I had in mind the channel capacity was 8 amps. Turns out, that was only with a heat sink. Oddly it looks like LOR does not supply a heat sink. Gotta rig this thing up ASAP. I can replace the mosfets without issue, but I need to figure out how to get more current out of the boards. I only run 2 per side @ 8 amps so I am within the boards capacity, just not the channel w/o heatsinks. 


anyone know of a heatsink that matches the spacing of the mosfets? 


I see there is a 24 channel board now. What if I parallel the positive side of two of the channels and match the sequence on each one. Doing that, in theory I should be able to mix low and high current channels on the same board which would be ideal for me. 



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