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Controllers for sale

The Five M

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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum.  


Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to set up my display this year and I need to sell most of my LOR gear.

I have 3 LOR controllers for sale along with a pair of ELL's and some USB adapters (one USB-RS485 and one booster USB-RS485.)


1   LOR160xW    Purchased new in July 1999

1   CTB16PC      Purchased new in 2011

1   CTB16PCg3  Purchased new in 2012  


The CTB16PCg3 is new (unused.)


I'd prefer to do a local deal but I can ship via UPS or USPS.  Buyer responsible for shipping cost.

I am in the Orlando, FL area (East Orlando.)


$800 for all of the controllers and the pair of ELL's. Includes the booster USB-RS485.

$700 for just the controllers as a group..

Must purchase everything together and this is a cash price.

If it's a local deal I'll include a bunch (approx. 25) long extension cords.  Various lengths. All are 20' or more.


$300 for the LOR160xw.

$200 for the CTB16PC

$220 for the CTBPC16g3

$200 for the ELL pair (or $125 for one)


Everything is available for inspection. PM me with any questions or if you are interested.


Thank you!



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I am in the Orlando, FL area (East Orlando.)

I'm 2 16-ch AC controllers short for my show! Where are you located?

Orlando, FL I think. ;):D


Can you tell I'm frazzled!

Last year- 16 channels....

This year- 128 channels.... Losing my mind...

Bought a bunch of used controllers, found 2 of them with problems late in the game :-(

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Hi Everyone.  Was offline all day yesterday and had to work today.  Just finally now getting a chance to catch up on everything.


As of right now all of the items are still available.  



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I maybe interested I just bought the starter pack maybe a dumb question but what is the difference in the controllers you posted??



LOR160xW    Commercial-grade. Metal enclosure.  http://www1.lightorama.com/commercial-light-controllers/


CTB16PC      Designed/intended more for residential use. Plastic enclosure. Gen 2.

CTB16PCg3   Designed/intended more for residential use.  Pleastic enclosure.  Gen 3 (latest design.)



Both pages have a comparison chart that lists the differences between the two types.

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