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16 Channel Sequencing

Clark W Griswold Jr

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I need some help with 16 Channel  sequencing I have some already but not much. I'm new to LOR and I have fireguard some of this out but running out of time. One of my questions that I have maybe someone could help. Lets say all lights are up on the house and you have a song done the way you want how do you make the next song light up the way you want with out unplugging them and changing them not that i would do but this is where I get flustered and need some more help. Do I just reedit the sequencing that I have to each channel to make it fit if someone has giving me a sequence? If someone could help me by gicing me some new 16 Channel sequencing and helping me with the editing that would be great.


Thanks to all that can help.

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You should have a default channel config file for your display set up.  I will just post an example as best as I can in the box here.


16 channel controller ID is Unit #01

Channel 1 - Eave Lights - left side

Channel 2 - Eave Lights - right side

Channel 3 - Bush #1 - White LED

Channel 4 - Bush #2 - White LED

Channel 5 - Bush #3 - White LED

Channel 6 - Bush #4 - White LED

Channel 7- Left Front Window - Red LED

Channel 8 - Center Front Window - Red LED

Channel 9 - Right Front Window - Red LED

Channel 10 - Front Porch BM Santa Claus

Channel 11 - Front Porch BM Mrs. Claus

Channel 12 - Front Porch Large Red NOEL Candle #1 Stalk

Channel 13 - Front Porch Large Red NOEL Candle #1 Flame Tip

Channel 14 - Front Porch Large Red NOEL Candle #2 - Stalk

Channel 14 - Front Porch Large Red NOEL Candle #2 - Flame Tip

Channel 15 - SPARE

Channel 16 - SPARE


Then every time I create a new sequence the above info is automatically filled in for me, I never have to change it, nor should you ever have to unplug and rearrange lights, that IS NOT how LOR was set up or designed for.


Then you just sequence each sequence turning on the appropriate light or lights you want to use in a song, not all lights have to be used for every song, every time.  Mix it up.


After you have you chabbel config created, you export it by clicking on EDIT in the tool bar at the top, then export channel config in the drop down menu.   You will need to set your channel config file, whatever you name it, as your default settings in the SE, then every time you create a new sequence your channel line up will be already set up and waiting, you just have to assign what channels and lights you want on, how you want them on, fade, shimmer, intensity, etc. as you sequence the song.


I doubt you're going to find anyone that can help you out with actual sequencing this late in the season, as all of us are doing touchup of our sequences to get them ready for our opening night.


Good Luck.

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