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Santa & Reindeer Opinions

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K-Mart has a blow mold Santa with one reindeer.  Additional reindeer are available to make up a full team of 8 or 9 if desired.   I saw it on the web site.  It does say that shipping is not currently available, so I'm not sure what is up with that. 


The downside is it appears the reindeer would have to be single file.


It seems to me the reindeer should be in 4 rows with two in each row.  If Rudolph is there, he should be in the very front by himself.



Does anyone have an opinion of Santa in the Sleigh behind 8 or 9 single file reindeer vs Santa in the sleigh behind 8 reindeer in four rows of two?.


I've always wanted a santa and reindeer, but I refuse to do it halfway.



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I have seen people do it many ways. I personally have only 3 deer due to space limitations. What is important is doing it the way you think is best and judging from your post you won't be happy with anything less than 4 rows of 2 and Rudolph leading the way! So go for it.

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