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Copying timing from old seq to new seq


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open both sequences

Right click in first square

select "Select Row"

select "Copy Timing"

open second sequence

right click any where

select "Insert Timing at"

Type "0:00.00"

Press enter

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let see if this may help. maybe your going from 32 to 96 channels.

 open old sequence. on first line item,- right click,  click insert channel, click insert multiple channels above.   select desired number. click ok.  click edit, click import/export. click import. now you'll have the new channels and the old on one sheet, new on top. old on bottom. . timing is all the same. now you can select row at the bottom half to copy and move to the new location on top.


When your all done. remove the bottom half. there will be a conflict of controller unit and the same channels if you don't.


It also work well if you trying to use someone else's sequence to get the timing marks.  

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Maybe I'm not following correctly here,


But why not just open the old sequence and save it as a new one if your wanting the same timing?

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I have added DMX channels to the new seq. 

I created a new timing freeform grid,in the new seq. with no timing. Then I copied the old to the new freeform gird.


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