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Help/advice Needed For This Years Display!


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I have shared a link to a video of my display from last year along with pictures of my display the year before when it was a static display to show you what I am working with. This year I will be adding 5 more controller boxes, so I have to decide where to add channels on my display and what to designate a channel.


Also attached are pictures form my front yard this year, as some bushes have been removed (the bushes that were running up my driveway) making the yard(my canvas larger), but I am struggling determining what I want to with everything. Should I add a spiral tree? More mini trees? More arches? Should I add little towers? Please send me all and any suggestions!


Something I know I want to do is separate the lights strung on the walls of the house into channels and add 2 channels (1 white and 1 red) to the wreath. Should I string lights in the lawn again?





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