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Sequencer Editor will not read CCB Unit ID

Ralph A

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I really stumped here.  I am trying to program (set unit ID's) my CCB and am perplexed.  I am able to set the ID's with the hardware utility but the Sequencer Editor is not able to read it. (makes me believe it is set wrong in the SE)    In this case the CCB controller is set to ID 70 (network C).  See screenshots below.  Because this is setup with two strings I've set this to Dual mode.  So in the SE it will be set as unit 70 for string one and 71 for string two on this one controller.  After setting the ID I am able to see it in the Hardware Utility and confirm its setting and test it with the test console.  Also see the steady green status light.


Next I close the H.U. and the controller now has a blinking green light, as it should.  I open the SE, then open my sequence.  While the sequence is in the process of opening the green light is steady.  Once the sequence is open I now show a blinking green light telling me that the controller is not seen by the SE.  When checking all the settings on the SE all looks like it should.  I will list them below;


Unit set to ID 70 and 71 (two strings)


Set to network C


set to comm 9 (network c)  in network preferences in SE


checked in the sequence that unit ID is set correctly.


I must be missing something or am to tired to see it.  I have set many different networks with CCR's with no trouble.  I even tried updating the firmware from 1.12 to 1.17 with no difference.


Can someone  please take a look and tell me what I'm missing.  I've enclose the below screen shots so you can see what I'm looking at!


Thanks for the help, Ralph

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Found the problem.  I must be tired.  I updated this weekend to 3.10.14.  I had been testing the lights and controllers that are up so far, so I knew everything up till that point worked.

However, I went back looking at everything I could think of and "Control Lights" was no longer checked.  Guess the updated may have changed that.  It's always the simple things that are the hardest to find.

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Hey there's George that we know and love!!   Nap, I never get to take a nap anymore.  Like you said that's the problem.

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