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Been Real Windy here recently.

Well that and the tornado that came through yesterday.


This is a big thank you to Walter Monkhouse and his great design. At first I would have said that it was over engineered but now.  GREAT WORK.


I have been setting things up for a couple weekends now and the wind continues to blow. I finally got the 25 ft Mega Tree and the 16ft half Pixel tree on Saturday. Fighting the wind but got them All staked down and secured.


Then the winds hit. and Blow and increased in intensity. the got worse. NWS recorded winds at 84 MPH just north of me. We are still waiting to see what the level of Tornado comes in at. Wind is still blowing strong.


Some of the stakes have loosened a little bit due to wet ground. but the whole thing still stands.


on the Mega Tree I have 8 - 2 ft pieces of rebar to secure the base.  The tree has 4 black straps from the top to the ground with 2 ft stakes in the ground.


The Pixel has the same style base and a bottom ring that has 8 more stakes in the ground securing it.


Again, Thanks Walter.  Good plan.

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