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Superstar to Sequence Editor Inverted pixel


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I have a problem whith the exportation between SuperStar (SS) and Sequence Editor (SE).

I have two arches with one ribbon :

The left arche have pixel 1 to pixel 25 and the right arche have pixel 26 to pixel 50.

When I export my file to Sequence Editor the left arche is inverted with the right arche : pixels 1 to 25 (SS) became pixels 26 to 50 (SE) and pixels 26 to 50 (SS) became pixels 1 to 25 (SE).


Thank for your help and I hope that I have been clear :)

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In SuperStar there are two modes, CCR mode and Visualization mode. In CCR mode you use one of several "built in" layouts. In Visualization mode you import a visualization made in the Light-O-Rama visualizer and the layout is obtained from the visualization.


Are you using CCR mode or Visualization mode?

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Change the location of the controllers to "Left" and I believe it will behave the way you expect.


Also, when I did the arch layout for CCR mode I "stacked" the CCRs in the sequencing grid and it makes it hard to do a continuous morph across the full length of your arches.

If you make a visualization of your arches in the visualizer, you can put all 4 arches horizontally one after another and when you import it into SuperStar set the Sequencing grid Max Length to 100 and then all 4 arches will be on one long sequencing grid line. This makes it easy to do a morph across all 4 arches.


Realize that when you are in Visualization mode, all the unit ID information and the location of the controllers is obtained from the visualization.

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