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Best Garland for Mini-Trees?

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Hey Everyone,


I just started picking up my needed products to make Mini-Tree's, namely, 1 bunch of tomato cages and lights from Home Depot, but I couldn't find any usable garland there, to wrap the cages in. All the quality garland were prelit and would have been too expensive, much less involved too much work to remove without ripping it apart. I found 1 package of garland that was unlit, but it was the cheapest thinnest garland I have ever seen. I think it was 100 feet of garland and I could easily hold it in one hand. Definitely not what I'm looking for. Does anyone know any good vendors, or big box stores that sell good quality garland that I could wrap my mini-tree's in, that won't break the bank, but will stand up to the test of time? 


Thanks ahead of time from all the great advice on this forum!

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If you have enough lights around it, you won't need garland.  If you are doing just one or two colors, then yes you will want garland.  Three to four colors, then your wasting money on garland.  Just my opinion.

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Thanks to both of you for the responses. I checked out ones at Lowes, and they may work for me, but scubado makes an excellent point. I was intending on doing 4 colors per tree, so I probably am overly thinking this, and while I would want it to look nice even in the day time, I think you're absolutely right about having 4 channels might be a waste of money spent on garland....I guess I better go buy another controller to reward myself now. 


Thanks so much!!

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