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CTB16-PC help needed! 1 channel stays triggered & more


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So I bought a bunch of 2nd hand controllers- and all are great- except one :-(

2 issues:
1. Channel 5 stays triggered all the time. I looked at the wiring and didnt see any obvious issues (frayed wires, crossed wires, etc)
2. Every once in a while the controller looses connection to the network.... reseating the cat5 resolves this. I tried a new cable- same issue- so assuming its NOT the cat5 cable.


These were self-assembled units/kits.


I had intentions of having a spare controller "just in case" , but then I decided to add a 48 channel mega tree and my safety net went out the window!

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The stuck channel could be a bad triac. Try resetting the controller as per the manual to see if this helps. If not, hopefully you have an open channel!

The other sounds like it could be the cat 5 socket. Make that controller the last one of the chain so you don't need the socket and get it fixed after the season.

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