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HELP! Trouble with 12v landscape power supplies to power RGB dumb strings


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HELP!!!   I installed some RGB dumb strings in my community public space and was planning to power them using the 12v landscaping power that was already there.  SURPRISE!!  It did not work.


I tested the power and it appears to have 13V but my multimeter reads it entirely different (READS 0 on the main display and 13.8V approx. on the small display at the top) than the power supply I used during testing and set-up (READS 12V on main display). 


The unit installed is a Vista Professional Outdoor lighting MT-600 that appears to have plenty of wattage but the RGB strings do not light properly and are very dim.  I hope I did not screw up the controllers!!


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am nearly out of funds and I am supposed to have this up and running by Thanksgiving.

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OK.  did a little more investigating and it looks like these "power supplies" are really just transformers that convert 120 VAC to 11-15VAC.


Therefore, does anyone have a suggestion on how to convert the 12VAC to 12VDC to use with these RGB Strings?

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