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error in beat wizard

joe b.

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Sounds like the MP3 you're using is in VBR {Variable Bit Rate} format, you need it to be in CBR {Constant Bit Rate} for the wizards to work correctly.  You'll need to load it into some type of music editor, like Audacity to convert it.

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You don't have to have the MP3 in CBR Don?  Maybe the newer software doesn't care , I can't say, I have 3.8.2 suite with Advanced.license.


But the wizards in the SE, well they never seemd to  like the VBR MP3's because I got that same error on many of my MP3's when I started in this, as soon as I converted them to CBR, never had another issue with any of the wizards.  Even now if I enter a VBR MP3, the SE chokes when using the wizards, again software version 3.8.2.  Can't say about any version later than what I have.


That's the only reason for my reply to conver to CBR, it fixed my issue, so figured it was possibly the same in this case.

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