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Testing network connection on controller?


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Is there any way to test the network connections on the controllers.


I have a couple CTB16PCG2 controllers that are blinking booted up but not connected(green steady blink).  I hook up to network and the HU isn't recognizing them.  I have the settings in network preferences setup properly and HU sees the Comm ports.  Have swapped cables in every combination possible.


The reason I ask about the network connection on the controller is that I recently had to replace a USB485 because it had burnt up.  Im thinking that what ever caused the adapter to burn up may have damaged the controllers boards too.


Any suggestions or am I SOL?




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I can't answer your question, whether you're SOL or just up the creek.

But I have to ask what everyone else reading this will wonder: How did you get the cable to burn up?

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Thats a very good question.  Unplugged everything last year working fine went to hook up and test last week and I wasn't getting connection from one of my adapters and it seemed warm while hooked up.  So I opened it up and one of the chips on the board was burnt up.  So I ordered a new one hooked it in and I am still not getting response from those controllers.  If I swap and hook my second LOR network to the new adapter I can see the CCD's in that network no problem.

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