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Help Adding Controllers

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I had my computers hard drive die on me the other day.  Luckily I had all of my sequences backed up, but I as just getting my controllers set back up on my computer and I think I went through the steps right to add them but when I play a sequence I only get the first 2 controllers to work.  I am able to test them individually in the Hardware utility and they seem to work fine, but one thing I noticed in the 3 controllers after the first that I installed in the Hardware Utility where it says "Select Unit to Configure, Download, Test"  The first controller shows up as a CTB16PC..... but than the rest say no device found, but still when I test it in there it works.  Anyone have any thoughts or ideas, still have a little while but was trying to get this out of the way and it looks like it is taking a lot longer than expected.

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I have the basic license 2.9.4 I believe, I had 3 controllers last year and added another this year.  What do you mean by unique Unit ID, last year I think I placed them as 1, 2, 3 and I was just going to add 4, but am having no luck.  Thanks for your help.

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