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What are the rules for channel configuration import


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in my example I have a set of 15 sequences and they all use the same channel configuration.

Now I have decided to do the following:

add a new controller

remap some lights to a new controller/channel


Lets say that I have now taken the first sequence and added a controller to it and also remapped some of the existing lights to different channels.


I now export the revised channel configuration, so that I can import it into the 14 remaining sequences.


My questions is what are rules that LOR uses for the import?

when you do the import does it just "paste" the new channel information (channel name, and hardware info) from the top down?

If I added the new controller to the middle of the grid, it will mess everything up right?

The new controller should be added to the bottom of the grid correct?




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You can change configurations in existing sequences quite easily by using the configuration export/import function.  Leaving the physical channel order unchanged will make this easy.


If you've changed the order of some channels, you're pretty much stuck with updating each sequence manually.


Best practice would always be to add new channels to the bottom of the list.

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