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Sending back my CTB16 board


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Does anyone know what kind of time frame I might be looking at if I send one of my boards back to LOR? I purchased 4 kits this Summer, but I only have 3 working. I had the boards soldered by someone else, one of them came back with the processor in backwards and before I realized it I had already plugged it in. Now I'm experiencing several issues and thinking it might be best to send it in for repair. I know it's crunch time for LOR right now so I was curious if anyone had any info? 

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i sent one of mine in 2 weeks ago i was told i may get it back the 2nd week in dec, the holiday season is busy. honestly was not expecting it that soon so if it comes i will a happy camper but i do understand that mine is not the only one there, so if it comes back later its not gonna be a big disappointment to me (i hope i get it early lol). just be patient, they are great people to deal with and there response time on answering questions by email takes about a day but again tis the season.

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