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Needing just a little guidance


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Hi Everyone ,


I am totally new to the LOR automation, but not to the decorating .  I have always done a display but not with the snyc.  So this year I purchased the units and have 48 channels .  I would like to keep the layout kinda close to my layout I have always done in years past.  I would be adding 2 arches and the mega tree.  My question is , If I purchase sequences from LOR or a place like WOW, how hard would it be to modify them to fit my layout.  For example, the ones on WOW are close to my layout but I do not have the 3 channel santa face they show , nor do they have the snow flakes etc......  I have included a picture (not a very good artist) , It might be a little confusing but it make since to me , lol .  I have also seen lots of other sequences from others that I like but just not sure how to go about getting over the hump ?  I think I'm close , but just need a little help .Any help on this would be greatly appreciated .  Thank you




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Hi Scott, (sent you a PM), 


Anyhow, sequences, the main thing is that the MP3(s) you are using, need to be " CBR-ed" (Constant Bit Rate) for the sequence to work correctly (and the beat wizard to identify the correct beat timing.


There are posts about the CBR stuff, and links to the programs to do it (free programs even).


The big thing about doing a sequence, is to pick a song you know well that has a good beat, and simply hook a controller up and some lights (in the basement or garage), and mess with the sequence editor.


I'm not a rocket scientist, but was able to get the jist of it, in just a couple of evenings.


If you want, I would be happy to call you early Saturday morning (on my nickel)


I'm CST you can simply PM me (just right click on my avatar at the left) with a phone number (if you want).


I've clicked "follow this topic"  (click the person to the right to see who is following).


take it from there.



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Take a pic of where your lights are going to go and load that into the LOR Visualizer, add lights and props, assign them to Controller # X Channel # X and sequence away. I also did what a31ford said to do early on just to get an idea of what the actual lights will look like, but for really big setups I recommend the Visualizer. Modifying preexisting LMS files is really not that hard, albeit a little time consuming. If you list some of the songs you plan on using I would be happy to share my 64 channel files with you, mind you I'm still a noob being my second year sequencing.

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Scott, welcome aboard.


Since you have mentioned buying sequences (which will save you gobs of time), I would go with the pre-made channels and hook-up (plug in) them to what you want your lights to do. Example, the pre-made sequence channel #1 is for a roof outline, use that one for your roofline. Just plug in your roof lights. If you have a tree to light up and channel #5 of the pre-made sequence is for a tree or bush, you can hook-up that channel for your tree. if the sequences are close to your set-up, then just hook-up (plug in to that channel) to fit your needs. This will save a lot of time and get you rolling.

Of course the pervious posters make good calls as well. So now you have a few options to get you going and hopefully not spend a lot of time messing around.


Good luck and the main thing is, enjoy!!!

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Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions !! Tracking shows I should have my setup delivered Saturday . Greg, thanks so much for the offer , you'll prob end up regretting it , LOL . M1ke05 , thanks for the offer and will definitely take you up on it once I'm up and running . Thanks for the advise Santas Helper, that's kinda the direction I've been thinking about. Thanks again guys !!

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