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Update, Better pricing and color to!


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Hey fellow LOR users I am glad to announce a better price on the wire frames and now I will be offering light choices as well. As a lot of you know this is the first year out with the new break down able 3-D format and wow it has been busy. I have added a few large items as here http://forums.planet...-my-12-snowman/

I have not checked in with Gene on how the college boy is doing.... huh.png


The price's have been reduced by 20% and no not a sale issue just simply have gotten better pricing on materials and happy to state all made in the USA....


The lights will be from off shore until I can find a vender with US made product but anyway I will be offering the decorations with lights on them. I will have pure white, blue, yellow, green and purple in the rope light and same in the mini version with one exception pink (the boss said so). 


The newest one is the Wizards Eye and will have RBG at its core this one is available but not sure when it will be on the web page sooner the better. If you have an interest PM me and I will send some details. All the lights are set to be used with LOR even the RGB.


Please go to http://www.christmas...?categoryID=391

and give Val a call or PM me.



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