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I cant get the lights to run as a show but it works in test mode!


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Please help me! I have set up all the lights and the controllers are connected. I have run the test and the lights all come on but when I try to run a sequence nothing happens! I dont know what to do and my show is supposed to start in two weeks!

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Are you trying to run the sequence through the sequence editor, or have you created a show and have it scheduled (or running it on demand)?

When you run a successful test, how are you doing it?



Also for the usual questions:

What computer operating system are you using?

What version of LOR software are you using, and what license level do you have?

What kind of controllers are you using?

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Hi CrystalandJim Did you fix this issue. I have the same problem. The show was working great last week and now some lights are staying on after a sequence and one controller refuses to work, yet it works in hardware console test mode. I increased the the network speed to 115k and that had some effect with lights turning off after a sequence and the controller that wasn't working played for a brief moment. I suspect it is the cat5 cabels. Its dark and windy now,  so swapping the cat5 will have to wait until tomorrow.


And to pre answer those questions


Running in hardware console works

on demand with sequence editor does not work



Im running widows xp

Advanced v3.10.12

Controllers im using are CTB16PC and CMB16D-QC on network 1, a jys p12r and a p12s are on network 2

Yep control lights is ticked.

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Yes, sounds like your cable's CAT5's are having issues. Check for cleanliness and check the smaller wire fingers on the controller's CAT5 connections. They are easily disturbed and if so, use a very tweezers and carefully.....pull them back up. Do not deform them.

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