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When adding a show that uses Easy Light Linkers to an SD card, how do I make it so the light linkers work?


I have two SD cards, we will call the first one SD1, and it has a show that I do not have the original lms files for, therefore I cannot make changes to it, or see its configuration.


The other SD card, we will call SD2, is what I am using to add my show.


When I use SD1 the light linkers work correctly, sending signals to the lights that are far away.

When I use SD2 however, the light linkers don't seem to work as none of those lights turn on and off.


Please help.


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First thought, SD Card or not, is that the LMS' you created are configured correctly.


Fire up the HWU and see how the networks, etc., are setup, and go with that.

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Yes it is set up correctly. I can make the controllers work when plugging them in with a cat5 cable directly to the director. I am referring to the controllers that are far away and use the light linker when the show is set up completely.


My guess is that it has something to do with the speed or frequency or something. Possibly step 3 and step 4 when finishing copying the files to the SD card...


Unless.....When creating a show from scratch, are there different steps you have to take knowing light linkers are going to be used?

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all you have to worry about is when you go into the hardware utility that you make sure that your software knows you have 1 ell unit. I know you will have more than one but for the setup you only connect 1 so the hwu knows that it will be using the ell's to talk to your other controllers.

you don't have to worry about doing anything extra when you are creating a sequence or a show. once the hwu knows you have an ell it will know how to talk to all of your controllers.

as long as you have your controllers id setup right in the channel configuration and in the hwu it should work fine.

the system know that if controller 1 and 2 are connected by a cat5 and then connected to your ell and then controllers

3 4 5 or how ever many are in the yard the ell will talk to the other ell's and talk to the controller the same as if

it was connected with a cat 5 cable.

it's really easy to use and not difficult to set up.

good luck

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